How many app crashes you guys on?

Not trying to be negative at all, just as a means of feedback. I’m actually liking the new app

I’m on three app crashes. All just while normal navigation

4 now

1 so far.

How do you get to the very bottom of a large thread without continuously scrolling? And I can’t seem to get that quick scroll bar on the right side. On a iphone

Seems to be working here. No crashes yet after I uninstalled that app, turned off my phone, and then reinstalled it.

Scroll just a bit until the gray vertical bar appears on the right side of the app and then you press hold that gray bar and can slide it up and down. Once you get to the section you want in a thread the app remembers where you left off.

Example -

Here is my screenshot snd I get that bar in the right. I hold it down and try to slide it but it works like crap. Also it is so close to the edge of the screen it it tough to even click on

I have the setting for iphone mode but it does not display fully from left to right on the screen. It’s probably 95% of the full width that shows and the remaining is outside the screen

rushinbear are you using Safari and not the app?

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Looks like it.

Don’t know. How do I get it to not use safari if that is what’s doing. I have the discourse hub app on iPhone the click it. Then click the mma forum and it gives me what I have

I told it to link to Is that the issue?

Ah, IDK. I use the dedicated ‘MMA’ app, not the Discourse app.

What is that link to get that?

Is there an actual update to the iPhone app? I have to use the browser.

None thus far.

Just go to the App Store and update the MMA app. This is assuming you’re on an iPhone.

I will give it a try