How many blackbelts in your state?

There is a recent thread that poses the question "how many BJJ blackbelts in the world".

In this thread I want folks to list the BJJ blackbelts that they know who live in their state.

Here I'll start;


Alexey Cruz, Aaron Blake, Jay Jack.

I think all Maine has is three.

3 Blackbelts in a state with 1.5 million people. That is pretty exclusive company.

I'd say close to 40 in Mass.

In Illinois:  These are the ones that I know of off the top of my head.  I know that there are more, just don't know the names.

Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros

Carlson Gracie Jr.

Johnny Ramirez

Myles Vives

Eddie Redzovic

Pete "The Greek" Letsos

Jack McVicker

Pedro Vianna

Daniel Vianna

Jeff Curran

Assou Hamdaoui

Jeff Neal

Christian Uflacker

Tulio Perrone

Adam Miller

CT = ?

I think there are around 70 in texas

i think there is only one brown belt in my state

  1. No brown or purples either

ohio has about 7 or eight, most are out of the relson school in columbus, I didnt know eddie redzovic was a black belt, i could have sworn i read an article on him in a gracie mag last fall that he was a purple, is this right? if so congrats

We had about 50 or so here in Cali until shen promoted another 76 shortly after receiving his own. Now we're overrun with them.

MI = ?

There must be 80 or 100 in California at least. I know of 7 for sure just in Sacramento.

What state are you from BaldTony?

The State of Wales

I think all Maine has is three.

Of course it only has three. Who the hell wants to live in Maine.

"I think all Maine has is three. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Of course it only has three. Who the hell wants to live in Maine."

Um....1.5 million.

I want to live in Maine...... um wait.... I do.

Little Tito, you may be the next BB on the list

I can think of six in Minnesota, there might be a few more that I don't know about:

Greg Nelson
Ishhmael Bentley
Mario Roberto
Damian Hirtz
Klint Klaas
Jared Feierabend

I think the population of MN is somewhere around 5 million.

Holy shit Seemore!!! There are about a million ahead of me on that list.

"Um....1.5 million."

You do realize that 1.5 million people for a state is not much at all, right? No offense to your state, but Maine is a great place to visit, but live there...NOT SO MUCH. That will add to the fact that not many Brazilians will go there due to the weather, therefore you will always have a low percentage of BB's.