How many calories?

Ok, I'm currently trying to get my weight down, it was 188 first thing this morning and it is now (at 10:30pm) 195. I'm currently basing my diet on 1200 calories but it often ends up at more like 1500. I'm also taking Syntrax's Guggulbolic extreme plus a Green Tea supplement which is equal to three cups per day. Exercise wise I'm doing 1 - 3 hours of cardio a day at 60% of my max hr, or 1 hr of cardio plus a couple of hours kickboxing.

Is this a safe caloric intake? I'd also appreciate any other advice on my current regime.

You really need to hear from a real expert on weight
loss but to me from the sounds of it you are hitting
this thing way too hard and risk hurting yourself or
going into burnout. I would recommend you get at least
10 calories for every pound of body weight, and make
sure it is a balanced diet not some of this fad stuff.

Drink plenty of water. Start doing some resistance
exercise, too much aerobics will burn muscle as well
as fat. You will simply drive yourself nuts weighing
once or more a day. Drop that down to weighing once a
week and you will be able to tell what is working for


Thanks Grandpab.

I also find that weight training helps burn fat which I put down to the fact that it consumes calories when you are growing. I can't use my left arm at all due to an injury so I guess I'm stuck with the leg press and weighted ab and lower back exercies.

15x current bodyweight then subtract 800 to 1000 for weightloss