How many comics in your collection

i have 13 or 14 of the large(holds around 300 or more) comic boxes full all the way and this is after i threw out well over 300 from a musty basement i guess its somewhere between 4000-5000.......i really should organize them better, but that ends up being a looooong (measured in days) ordeal. especially since i end up running into comics i haven't seen in a while and i end up reading them.....plust with 3 kids and a dog it can tend to be a dangerous undertaking for all involved.....

i keep around 1000. every few years i trim it down a bit to the essentials

over 1000 but probably less than 2000

My roommate has 16 longboxes.

I have about 1000. Plus a shitload of TPBs.

They are all in my memory like Johnny Mnemonic!! have about 3,000 and plenty of TPB's!!

Wow I just (this year) got rid of two "long boxes" of old shitty comics. I still have 5 "short boxes" jammed full of real comics and 4 levels of bookshelf packed full of trade paperbacks (graphic novels). I've never counted them and I really don't think it touches MTDs collection (per pics on another thread) but it's about 20 years worth.

Oh shit I forgot where I was, spelling out "trade paper backs" and even giving the "graphic novel" definition... sorry GG