How many crunches

can someone with a solid six pack do? I've never worked much on my abs because I still got a decent amount of fat that I need to get rid of in that area, but I've decided to start doing more crunches but I'm wondering what is a good goal to reach for. thx.

5x50, then start adding weight, also, crunches alone won't get it done, add in hanging leg raises, reverse crunches and russian twists and then you'll be getting somewhere.

You might want to work on you're back too.

Most people in shape can do tons of crunches. Crunches are not the way to get a six pack, they aren't going to get rid of fat in that area. The only way to get rid of fat is by burning it off all over.

Ab muscles aren't any different than the rest of the muscles in your body though. If you want to get abs, I'd work on doing heavy (less than 10 reps) weighted situps, squats and deadlifts.