how many days/week: workout/train?

might not roll everyday, but--

ME = 7 (sometimes 2X a day)

too much?

just listen 2 your body.


how many times for you guys?

4 days a week is good if your not training for a fight no?

1 day Jits, 1 day standup, 1 day weights and 1 day road work (Run or Bike)

on the Jits and Standup days can do something like the Bas Rutten.

If can, throw in a swim.


3 x a week

Monday= Micronesian Bashing/Tossing

Wed=masturbation(left hand, also known as the "stranger")

Friday=masturbation(right hand)



and he trains w/ the dirty one. whoa....

just getting to the gym counts for most people.

I try to train 3-5 a week depending on my schedule, but if I'm on the road working then its way less! :(

jjd, you should try the bas rutten. you can do it in your hotel room. monkey671 turned me onto it as that's mayhem's thing. i can't live w/o it anymore. let me know if you want the mp3

I box/kickbox for 1-1/2 hrs & 2-3 hrs of Jits Tue and Thurs and teach Sun for a couple of hrs & sometimes roll after if I am not lazy (usually am or roll light) every other week. If I get inspired, I'll run or go down on a pilgrimage to Relson's to take a class and roll a bit there. I haven't been inspired for a while. I usually end up working 12 to 16 hrs on Mon, Wed, Fri and take home work on the weekends. I've been way too busy at work for a while now. Not the most exciting life huh?

lol i got to class like 2 times a week. I jus recieved my Purple Belt from Black belt aaron blake monday so i should show up more now lol

FCTV yeah I'd like to see it!

jjd, it's just a 30min audio coaching plyometric routine. i can upload to for download tonight. you want?

is it easy to download, as I'm a ret#$d on comps!

totally. i'm uploading it now. you just go to the site and click download and it will go to your computer. make sure you have itunes or quicktime to play. it's about 40mb.

mike, you wanted it too, so i'll post link to this thread.

cool thanxs....

okay guys, here you go. this is the best!