How many fight with contacts?

Just curious how that effects them while fighting? With them popping out or moving out of place, I'd think that could cause a temporary but serious problem Phone Post


Kongo and Anderson Silva have glasses, so I guess they fight with contacts as well. Even if they pop out after 2 minutes, it's still 2 minutes with clear vision I'd say.

Ammy fighter here. I train and fight with contacts. I've never had a problem during a fight. One of my sparring partners had a habit of jabbing the eyes and occasionally I have to stop cuz it fell out or it's in the back or side of my eye. The worst was when I wrestled in high school. My opponent went for a club to my head , but the idiot grazed my eye and my contact fell out right between us. The refs paused the match and I leftthecontaxt in my coaches hand. Fininished the match by pinning him Phone Post

And my eyes r so bad, I have to train and fight with them. Phone Post

Kongo wears glasses, reem might, I think I heard him talk about having bad eyes and he is always squinting Phone Post