how many full-time judo schools?

I'm wondering how many people out there actually teach judo for a living. I would say most instructors also have a day job or other sources of income. I know of guys like Morris who teach for their livelyhood, but do you know any others?

Yonezuka has taught judo for 45 years. Its been his only occupation. He's done very well. He owns the building, and has other classes as well. Last I heard, the cardio kickboxing class was the biggest cash generator.

Gokor makes his living at Hayastan. Again, he has more than judo going on.

What about Cahill's?

ogasawara teaches full time as well

he has judo and karate.. and i think karate pays more of the bills.. but he loves judo

he lets the black belts teach the karate classes but he runs the judo classes

the numebrs are starting to grow, thats what is important....

dont forget to add Morris and Burris to that list.

Cahill's yes.