How many go to local pro wrestling

Just curious to know how many on this forum go to local grass roots "pro Wrestling" shows? Like the ones held at civic centers, vfw halls etc?

I do,

actually I work 'em.

I think it's actually the best way to see wrestling.

The crowds are smaller, yes, but man, some of these people still "believe"

It's pretty cool.

Last one I went to was almost a year ago. Only went to check out the Road Warriors


I like going when I can.

Even though there are maybe 10 or 15 people in the audience,you can tell that the guys are really serious about their performance.
They'll try to have angles and what not,and I feel bad sometimes because there is such a small audience.

But I salute them.

I would go if I knew of any here in San Antonio.

Well, it's about all the wrestling me and my friend's watch. I know quite a few of the promoters and wrestlers, so I'll take a crew with me to support the indy shows, which are always better then the WWE even if 1/2 the wrestlers don't show up and the scheduled card falls apart.

I don't have cable anymore, and don't even really watch tv, but almost all of my friends have stopped watching WWE totally in the past two years. And when they do tune it, they always call me, "Man, that shit was stupid last night...", etc. So yeah, we all catch the indy wrestling shows around here.

On the last Union show I attended "Iron" Matt Cross (MDogg20), beat Jerry Lynn and fans were cheering for both faces. About 3/4 of the way through the match the fans started chanting "best match ever" and at the end they gave them about a five minute standing ovation.It was awesome.

I used to go to a very good fed in montreal called IWS used to be very hardcore with shows like ''fan brings the weapon'' and lightbulb match.

going to one tonight.

MLW looks cool, from what I've seen on the web.

I'm same as MarioB. Thank goodness mroe and more people are acthing on to the indy scene. It is a lot more fun live, and as he said, some pople still "belive" so gimmicks can exist in peace without the worry of Kayfabe being broken.Also a lot of big stars still retun to Indy roots every now and then,and it's the best way to meet them in person rather than a big show. For example, Bret Hart, Perry Saturn and Sabu were just here in Hawaii doing a show and they met with every fan...except me, cuz I was doing ring crew duty. :(