How many here have good stories of the vaccine?

My girlfriend is going to make me get it within the next month or two, I’m doing all I can to get it as late as possible. I feel like I’m constantly hearing stories/seeing people I know through social media talk about how it made them feel like shit for a week.

Anyone here that’s gotten it and felt amazing the next day?


Me. No issues. Pfizer

Your girlfriend is making you do something u dont want to do? I would understand if she were your wife and not even then…goodluck brother

If you want the vaccine, get it. But don’t let your girlfriend “make you” get it if you don’t want it.

My girlfriend got the vaccine and was moderately sick for 2 days. I’m not getting vaccinated anytime soon. She knows and is ok, if not thrilled, with that.

We’ve been together for a few years and she’ll be my fiancé around Christmas time, she has elderly parents and I go to church with her family, the church is full of Jurassic age seniors, all have been vaccinated as far as I know, because of the 5% lack of efficacy of the vaccine they’re afraid I’m going to contract it and be symptomless and kill everyone. I’m in my late 20s and not particularly scared of covid.

Co-worker is late 50’s with an auto-immune disease and had no problems with the Moderna vaccine.

I’m still waiting to be eligible (not at the age cut off yet)

Such fucking pussies about a shot lol. Would you feel better if you got a lollipop after?

What I figure is that I’m full of 30 something vaccines already, what’s one more? But at the same time I wish I could wait a few years, the amount of time a normal vaccine takes to be approved, but it’s not looking like I’m gonna be able to without looking like some kind of conspiracy theorist to my family and soon to be in-laws.

Does your GF allow butt stuff? Or is a door opening right now?

I’m just waiting for everyone else to get this thing so I dont have to get it.

Be sure yall get your shots ladies!

She says I can but during every one of my bi-annual tries she’s not about that life.

Shit, I’m waiting until they offer to pay me to take it.

Got my second about a week and a half ago. Pfizer. Zero issues. Neither of my parents had issues as well.

I was in the Moderna study, I had a slightly sore injection site and felt tired on day 2. That’s it.

Just got J&J if you don’t hear back from me, I enjoyed my 5 days of the new OG.


I got the 2nd Pfizer vaccine 2 weeks ago, so I am supposed to be up to maximum strength. Got it at 5:00 pm, no reaction other than a sore arm the next day, about like someone taking a hard punch on your arm. Pain, which was not much, faded to nothing by the next morning. Didn’t take any OTC meds. My wife got the shot the next day, it hit her very hard, she took off work and slept most of the day, was mostly fine by the next morning. I’ve read that women have a much higher percentage of side-effects that men.

All of my coworkers got the vaccine,only one got a really bad reaction to Moderna,had to go to the ER for two nights.But his wife got the same shot and she was fine.

Minimal issues for me on the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine… zero for me on the second.