How many hot sauces in your fridge?

I have 9. I doubt many of you will be manlier than me on this category but interested to see some higher than me.

No fibbers.

El yucateco green and red
Taco bell
Tiger sauce
Chili garlic Phone Post 3.0

At least 15, not all in the fridge though.

My own list is weak. Could use more flavored tabascos at min. Phone Post 3.0

Zero. Hot sauce doesn't belong in the fridge, goofball.

BarkLikeADog - Zero. Hot sauce doesn't belong in the fridge, goofball.
I disagree! Phone Post 3.0

You also need to have some cholula always.

Jizz only

I have a bunch of Taco Bell hot sauce packets (mild).


franks hot sauce

texas Pete 

Like 25-30 bottles. It's pointless. I eat 4 kinds, the others sit. The four I eat are:

Danny Cash bottled up anger
Golden toad habenero

I have tapatio, el Yucatan, etc. No point when I have the four above. Phone Post 3.0

The only ones in my fridge are tomato based ones and my home made jalapeño sauce. Have a ton in the cupboard.

Faggles is lying. Post a pic Phone Post 3.0

Korean fermented chili paste in fridge

Sriracha on the counter

Homemade pickled serrano peppers on the kitchen cart

Sensitive cunts

Franks and Cholula will be added. Phone Post 3.0

Zero. I keep mine in my purse like everyone else. Phone Post 3.0

BarkLikeADog - Zero. Hot sauce doesn't belong in the fridge, goofball.


For semantics ppl. How many hot sauces in your kitchen? Better? Phone Post 3.0





Tobascco red & green

a home made spicy bbq that pretty much qualifies as hot sauce.

i used to collect them, but since i moved in with my wife who hates spice, i pretty much just stick to these.

El yucateco
Tuong Ot Toi
Chili oil
Pique Phone Post 3.0