How many hours do you work a week?

4 days a week. Anywhere from 40-60 Phone Post 3.0

When the shit hits the fan I work 50 to 70 and when things are smooth 25 to 30. Luckily things have been smooth for a while now but that could change at any time. I get paid salary and sometimes feel guilty for not working nearly as much as most people do.

I'm "at work" 40 hours a week. But many days here are spent with nothing much to do (like right now, for instance). So, I'm probably actually "working" only 70% of that time. I dunno how that factors in to your question.

168hrs . I get paid by the day, not hours. I work out of town, sleep in my office. I am the only one on location who does my job, so if something fucks up at noon or 3am it's on me to take care of it. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So far been here 8 days, 3 weeks to go.....

30ish Phone Post 3.0

75 right now. 7 days a week. Phone Post 3.0

Work is getting slow, I am averaging 35 hours a week. Before that I was hitting 50. Phone Post 3.0

Normally 48, 6 days a week. But sometimes I go 60. Phone Post 3.0

48-52 Phone Post 3.0

35hrs a week. But from what I'm hearing it'll be going up to 40 plus real soon. Phone Post 3.0

25-30 hours during a busy week, 10-15 hours during not so busy weeks. Phone Post 3.0

6 10's. 40 straight time, 20 OT. Phone Post 3.0

Work one week on and one week off but when I'm working, in working. Haven't really counted hours Phone Post 3.0

0 Phone Post 3.0

55/7 Phone Post 3.0

About 55 Phone Post 3.0

Judge Mental -

It's been insane lately. Roughly 25

I like your style. I'm about the same at work. Then about 5 a week in the garden. Phone Post 3.0

no joke.  I average between 60-80  sometimes more when it's busy.


40 hours a week, and I feel like THAT is too much.

Feel bad for you guys working 50 plus hours :( Phone Post 3.0

48 hrs, 4 days a week Phone Post 3.0