How many hours per week do u play?

when my gf and i are justr hanging out, we usually play video games. we do this more than we watch tv, me thinks.

I can say I probably play ~24 hours a week :O

Now probably around 7-10 but when I wasn't working, was out of school and injured I was playing around 30.

I fluxuate between probably 10 to 30 of gaming a week, in the past mainly Day of Defeat... lately Call of Duty

Once Christmas comes it's gonna be Work/Gym/Games.

same here... i've got 3 weeks off after finals where all i'm gonna do is brew beer and play video games.

whats 7 x 24?

24 when im not working, under 10 during work and school.

Between 10 - 15 when work and school is going on... When it's just one or the other 15-20... WHen it's neither, 20-30.

Whats your record for marathon gaming. I did 10 hours straight once with 2 other guys when we got Perfect Dark. The game was on for 10 hours with no pausing. It got so hot it froze.

about 5-10 hours.

Anyone have a girl that is actually decent at games? I have never met a single one. It's always "yeah me and my friends rule at ___" Then you destroy them and they don't know what to say.

If i ever find a cute girl who is good at games im marrying her.

HELWIG - I recently had a throwdown involving some chick and Super Bust-A-Move... Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Normally not that much. However this week I've became an FFXI addict, and if it wasn't for server maintenence I'd be playing there now.

I've put in more hours on FFXI in the last week than I have on any game for a long time. I'd say like 70 this week. Normally like 15-20 though.