how many hrs. for amateur fights?

For those of you just starting, how many hours total per week are you training? How long would you say before one is ready to fight?

Amature or smoker.  I know you said amature, but pls clarify.  It can be a big difference (depending on who you are matched with).

Or smoker? I don't understand you.

A smoker is an unsanctioned "dojo challenge" fight or just a fight/hard sparing with someone from another gym.

a smoker is a non-sanctioned fight that is almost always held at a gym.  Normally it is the beginners step, taken before doing an amature fight. 

The reason I say normally, is becuase there are sometimes some really good fighters there that compete just to stay sharp.

I did my first smoker after 4 months of Muay Thai training , 3-4 days a week 2hrs a session.  That said, I had done other martial arts and been in about 7 streetfights, so fighting wasn't entirely new to me.

If you or whoever you are asking this question for wants to fight, definately start with a smoker.  They try to match you up with people of comparable skill level.  If you really want to fight, you can do a smoker really soon after starting training if you don't totally suck.

Ahh ok I understand. Yeah that sounds like a rational first step. I'm asking the amount of training for a smoker.

it really depends on your skill level & how fast you "get it".  If I were you, I think a realistic timeframe would be to train hard for a two months, then start sparring for a couple months, then do a smoker.

But definately do multiple smokers before any amature fights.

G-Hands was your first smoker an mma match or just kickboxing?

"G-Hands was your first smoker an mma match or just kickboxing?"

Muay Thai.  Never done MMA. 

prepping for a fight im in the gym 5 days a week.

depending on school and stuff when not a fight 2-3 days. with outside time for lifting or cardio

Are you training again, Morphy?

Will be soon Mullet :)

Cool. Best of luck. Keep us posted.