how many jiu jitsu world champs in UFC now?

Seems that every event, Anik or Goldie are saying some guy is a world champ. Anik did it again with Batman Jorge tonight..why do we let these inaccuracies slide?..and why count anything under black belt division or ADCC. The only current ufc fighters that are actual black belt bjj copa do mondo, mundial, or ADCC champs I can think of are: Leo Santos, Durinho, Werdum, Gonzaga, Maia, Braga Neto, Jacare, Rani Yahya and Barnett (nogi worlds). im sure im missing one or two...also if Batman Jorge is a world champ then I stand corrected..

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Does naga count? Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't count NAGA towards calling someone a world champ. nowadays its ADCC or mundials and mundial nogi, that most would consider worthy of calling someone a world champ if they win. Back in the day there was the copa do mondo as well (world cup).

Chris Weidman? Phone Post 3.0

So the world title I won at the Greater San Antonio open doesn't mean anything? Listen, just because no one else showed up doesn't mean I wouldn't have beaten them if they did. Phone Post 3.0

Weidman lost in ADCC to Galvao that year. so no, he is not a world champ in ADCC

What`s fucked up is that all a promoter has to do is invite the world & then it can be called World Championships.

Sergio Moraes

Forgot Serginho...haven't seen him fight in a while. thanks...theres probably one or two more.

I think Drysdale is still in the UFC even after the failed tests....

thought drysdale was cut...though looks like he isn't. add him to the list

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Is Barao a former world champ, his jits is pretty incredible, Nick Diaz? 

no and no

It'd be cool to make a table of world champs by weight class. Like heavy weight has werdum, barnett, and gonzaga, middle has Jacare and so on. Tired of hearing so and so has "world class BJJ" when they have 0 grappling credentials to back it up. I realize there are great submission guys who don't have ADCC/World titles like Mir for example, but seems like every time they reference someone being a black belt they also have a world class submission game. That's like saying everyone who wrestled into college is d1 level or something. It's getting ridiculous.

Another issue is that people win world titles at different levels. Blue, Purple, etc.

wiggum - Another issue is that people win world titles at different levels. Blue, Purple, etc.

Has to be black belt IMO to call them a world champ. Phone Post

More than half the UGers here are no gi white belt world champions Phone Post 3.0

Jacare Phone Post 3.0

wiggum - Another issue is that people win world titles at different levels. Blue, Purple, etc.
Yeah bjj is pretty weak and loose in terms of world champs. Wrestling world champ is everyone in that style in your weight class. Bjj? Novice, beginner, adult, senior, master, white blue purple brown black absolute. Not to mention the closing of brackets b flipping a coin when you have a teammate in the finals... Or 3 teammates in the semi finals.....and a lot of times not even teammates. ( my least fave part of competive bjj Phone Post 3.0

Aldo? Or did he win as brown? Phone Post 3.0