How Many Months?????

Love-child of Mark Kerr and Mirko Cro Cop, imo.

Glad to see his eczema cleared up.

For Sublime


^ You're the man, thanks fren.

Brock can't compete with the MAN HULK!

so its true, 'bigfoot' or should i say 'bighands' exists.
the guys a fukn mutant, who is he anyway?

i second the "what is he made of" question

who is he anyway?

Denis Cyplenkov, he's a Russian arm wrestler.

 He looks like he is built like a giant midget.  If that makes any sense.  He seems out of proportion

PTM2020 -  

 semi on while handling small children?


 Even without the weights his hands are crazy looking, i also hope this guy has some kind of disorder because otherwise the human race has taken a dramatic turn in evolutionary events by churning out this freaky looking midget/giant, hobbit/hulk thing.

SinCityHustler -  Great thread.

Love the question

Love the hands

The dude is fukcing huge!  Ha Ha

Looks a little retarded, (ok a lot)

I say 24 months, (before he dies) 

LOL...I think every response and pic on this thread made me laugh...

 We need more.

More info, more pics, just more everything of this guy.

Do we have a name and any other biographical information on this anomaly yet?

must use old spice




Ensanity - HEY!!!