How many of these all-stars have you ever heard of?

Just one for me, Sue Bird.

What about that other Sasquatch bitch?

She still in the gulag doh I guess

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Low hanging fruit

None of them. I’d rather watch curling than the lame ass WNBA


Not even their own parents knew they were playing


I’ve heard of most of them, but both of my nieces were d1 basketball players at good programs, so you see the same names for several years

they were all apex d1 players

please note that even with my bias you couldn’t fucking force me to watch even the highest level women’s basketball if you tried


The only all star I remember is Wayne Gretzky from that cartoon.


Brittany Griner. I only know her from being in the news lately.

You’re a total liar if you claim to be any kind of sports fan but haven’t heard of Candace Parker. Absolute legend

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lol at people on an mma discussion board trying to pull rank on even more niche sports

Maybe. Is she related to Tony Parker?

No, but she’s an equally talented basketball player


just cause she let you suck her dick don’t make her famous

  1. Only because the NBA shoehorns them into mens basketball shit all the time.
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Stewart (Only know her cuz she was on (NBA on espn)
Parker (Hosts NBA on TNT Tuesdays)
Ionescu (from the Kobe funeral service)

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Wilson played for USC and I live in Columbia. She was the face of the program and women’s basketball is their best and most successful sport. We’re from the same town and went to the same HS too

Ive either heard of Sue Bird or I’m confusing her with one of the characters from Ozark, since their last name was Bird. Also, out of context if someone just asked me who Sue Bird was,I would have no idea.

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Sue Bird, only because the name reminds me of Larry Bird.

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They’d all get beat by a U15 boys team too… who cares!

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