How many of these all-stars have you ever heard of?

You mean 12 time all star sue bird?


I’ve noticed espn really trying to push womens sports lately. Nobody cares.


Wait a minute…. oP are you telling me there’s a women’s sports league that doesn’t involve lingerie or really big boxing gloves?

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All stars in wnba could get beat by a good boys high school team. No reason to know a single name unless they are a family member or friend.

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Geez, how many co-captains do they need?

Jonqual is in a funny State Farm commercial with Trae Young and Boban.

I couldn’t name a single team or city, let alone an all-star. Do they average in the double digits?

Imagine the biggest star in the league against shitty girls probably puts up 17 pts per game.

@DaveFu Cue Family Guy Clip!

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What’s wrong with your other alts? Retiring them or just switching in between?

None. No one else has either.

Lulz boyz rule girls drool

Boyw have a penis, girls have a vagina.

Except for these girls. Most of them probably have penises too.


Then again,

Here’s the basketball players I could name.


Charles Barkley.






Think that’s about it.

Who are any of those people?

recognize 2, but i could probably only recall 1 if asked on the street.

On a slightly related note I was flipping radio channels today and on the NFL Radio show ‘Forward Progress’ they were talking about how they were going to get black females interested in the NHL.

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