How many of us are there?

Sign GG'ers.


makes sign of the Sacred Banana

I have my membership. I think we tried to figure it out a while back by adding each other on myspace. Don't think it ever really amounted to anything

myspace is for pedos and posers....and people posing as pedos.....

huh? this is a myspace thread?

if so, i'm not on it.

do we count each personality of our multiple personalities?



Geek 4 Life!

Sho Nuff!

My old screenname was Crom_420, but I was banned :-(

P.S. if this is a myspace thing, I want no part of it

Hey yo!

No myspace thing! Jackangle why are you starting rumors? I just think there are too few posts on the GG and was wondering how many of us there are.

Screw MySpace. This doesn't apply to everyone obviously, but I will never understand some peoples' need to put their whole life up for display to the entire world.

right here.

Another Geek signing in, albeit one who doesn't follow current books too closely

Me!!..I am on Dirty Cake's myspace page!!!

hello i am pretty new here
i am a marvel zombie and i do venture into vertigo from time to time

Haven't been here for awhile but check in on occasion.