How many of you are truly happy?

Yep. Great marriage and kid. Great house.
My wife has a successful career and loves her job.
I have a successful career and love my job and my team - I even got a call from my boss today saying I was getting a $15k pay rise. Completely unexpected but great news.
We are well off financially so I don’t really have any worries. Life’s good.

Would love to be able to keep training BJJ but like Cotton my shoulder is fucked. Had a full shoulder replacement and no pain now but it’s just not the same.

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In a way I wish I wasn’t so easily pleased. I think it took away a greater sense of ambition and planning for the future. I’ve mostly lived for the moment, but have had a damn great time being almost 40. I live in a decent house in a quiet neighborhood with my smoking hot (but bipolar) gf and awesome dog. My family is doing well and seem happy themselves, so that makes me happy. So I’m probably in good spirits 90% of the time.

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ever been to half moon bay, santa barbara, or san diego? or anywhere in florida outside of miami, daytona, or ft lauderdale? or pac NW coast?

those are nice places in TX, but nothing special. my point was california is a very special place as far as natural scenery goes.

Life is what you make it. Happiness comes and goes but is more lasting when we have a mindset of gratitude and charity. My temporary happiness is much less important than a lot of other things in my life and that in itself makes me happy.

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Happiness is a fleeting emotion for me. I think I’ve been depressed since I was a young kid but didn’t realize it until I was in my 20s. I find happiness at around 6-8 beers, right before I switch over to sad country songs. I feel more comfortable feeling down than I do feeling up. Happiness makes me anxious.
I find joy in seeing the people I love succeed.

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I should be much happier than I am, I tend to focus on the shit I don’t have and not what I do. It’s a dumb way to look at life.

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I would not say happy, really, but moderately content.

I am genuinely concerned about the state of the country not for myself but for my kid and nieces nephews etc after I am gone.

I dont think they will ever experience a time as amazing as the 80s or 90s. I think truly hard times are coming for them and I wont be there to help.

The rest of life is good. I have a great house, job, wife, plenty of material shit , eat fucking great, do basically anything I want except shit that was shut down travel wise.

My job was deemed essential and I got bonuses and a raise last year. We never ran out of TP.

I guess I shouldn’t borrow trouble from the future but Id be lying to say it doesnt bother me a whole lot what happened in 2020 all around.

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Very happy!

I am equally happy and unhappy. I am not lounging on the LUXURY yacht off the Amalfi Coast yet I enjoy simple pleasures like a good book with coffee and a sweet treat and some cafe jazz music playing for ambiance

due to health issues related to cancer-illness/treatments I am unable to pursue athletic endeavors at an elite level but I enjoy simple things like a simple walk and I have learned how to adapt and keep that fire stoked by easy/moderate exercise/stretching throughout the day which keeps me looking smart

the GF and I bicker all the time and she can be extremely irritating/frustrating to live with but she has a nice “Healthy” Shape and we have SEX a lot.

I wish I were richer, healthier, better looking…yet I am comfortable and the apple-eaters do seem to find my 5’5" smart-frame to be irresistible :grin:


I hope everything works out for you health wise dude, cancers a son of a bitch. Good luck man

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Mostly…getting ready to retire. The youngest is 16. The oldest is working. I’ll be happier once they’re both out of the house.

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this is me as well.

good journey too everyone.

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I am very not happy. I’m obsessed with a girl that is major CANCER!! I need to completely eliminate her from my life. Once I do, I will be happy. As long as she is even remotely in my life, I cant be happy.

It’s hell falling in love with the wrong person


I’m happy overall but probably moving out and filing for divorce in the next few months . I just don’t have time for her bullshit anymore. She is constantly the reason for any stress in my life .


You failure. Why don’t you make things better instead of tucking your dick like a little pussy and running. Unless you don’t have kids then who gives a fuck, leave.

She lies and is a confrontational bitch in general . I’m not spending my next 40 years “ god willing” trying to explain that you shouldn’t spray Raid Wasp killer all over the kitchen to kill a fly while I’m cooking dinner . Her mom is the biggest bitch and if I had met her mother sooner I would’ve left 4 years ago .

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Really? Lol that’s what constitutes divorce these days? Most women are idiots when it comes to common sense. What’s she lying about though? That may be a major issue.

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