How many of you guys played the snail mail IWA ???

IWA wrestling via SNAIL mail??  I LOVED IT in school.  I would literally check every day after about 2 weeks looking for that envelope, with a SMALL amount of hope my charaters picture would be the one on the envelope as US champ. lol.  Each league had champs and sneak attacks and interviews you wrote in, even hand drawn pics.  There were A LOT of leagues, and each league champ would then wtrestle the others for the winner who would be WORLD champ and get actual money 100$ and a belt/clock.  I actually won two big things.  First my guy from the SBL named Whiplash won the SUMMER SIZZLER contest, which was IWA wide and I got a plaque, an artist hand drawn poster of my guy and a full write up in every leagues newsletter.  THEN later on a couple years later I won the world title.  It was pretty epic for old dork me.

Wow that's some next level fan stuff Phone Post 3.0

I played iwa for maybe 4-5 cycles after iwf shut down. I was in iwf for a few years. Loved it, and even got to run my own league towards the end. I think the most I ever won was a battle royal. I sucked at picking strategy totals. Phone Post 3.0

Can anyone explain how those things worked? I've read about guys who did them, I never did, seem like a cool thing tho Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Dugs95 - Can anyone explain how those things worked? I've read about guys who did them, I never did, seem like a cool thing tho Phone Post 3.0
Basically you write promos or vignettes as a fictional wrestler that you create. Based on the writing, you get put into feuds by the league owner. Winners are decided by selecting moves that are given random point totals every month. Highest score wins, then usually the league owner will write up a show.

I will have to look tomorrow and see of I have any of my old shows from iwf. Phone Post 3.0

this was my work/shoot todd gordon announcement when i was given control of the top league in the game after the main guy quit. (which i am still friends with to this day)

Posted: Nov 9 2003, 10:19 AM

On Saturday November 8th, a bomb was droped on the IWF. Nathan Couch, the long standing leader of STW, relinquished power of STW over me. The fate of the league rested in my hands, which seems unfair as i was nothing more than a writer to pick up slack on the league. I had no warning, as i was just getting online when 3-4 IWF managers im'ed me at once. Like Frodo, in the face of this epic challenge, i feel small and unsure. STW was arguably the biggest league in IWF history. And up until about 5 months ago, apeared to be unstopable.

I now say with a heavy heart, that if this league is truly in my hands, i must say that STW is no more. I was given the offer of grabbing the mighty bull by the horns and take the helm of STW as my own. That is probably the biggest compliment i have been given in my 3-some years in this company. As tempting an offer as that is, I am not STW. Nathan Couch was STW, and to keep such a beloved league alive without its soul behind it, seems an insult to both the STW managers and it's creator. STW has fallen, but in the wake of this bombshell the IWF will remain strong. There are now three leagues that are both creative and exciting. A fourth league was suggested. A league where i carry the helm and start a new chapter in the IWF.

I, Andrew lambrix, have given this my utmost attention in the past hours since i learned of my position. With my Molly not even three weeks old, the question remained if i could manage a league as well as work and keep my family life strong. It took the assurance of my wife, who frankly doesn't really get why i do this without getting paid. lol. She said if something means that much to you, then you have to go for. In the end, that is how i ended up with her and our child.

i am announcing the addition of the fourth league. An organization of talent that must rise out of the ashes of a blast that will be felt for a long time. In the crater of destruction rests the point of impact. The impact that struck me like a slug to the chest with this recent news. I now rest at ground zero as the COMISSIONER OF THE NEW LEAGUE. I invite all to see what we can find in the wreckage of times past. I invite everyone to GZW!!! Ground Zero Wrestling will be my other child. The phoenix that will rise out of this adversity. In the next few days/weeks, more details will come to be known. I hope to turn this into a league that will be a staple in the next era of the league. Much like the three leagues that it now joins. This is going to be an exciting and scary time in the IWF.

On another personal level, i feel no ill will towards Nate or anyone else in the IWF. I am glad and honored that he chose me to pass his torch towards. Many, including him, have offered to help this league if it needs it. I thank you all who wish me well in this future. I am still shocked that STW is gone. I mean, come on!!! who would have thought that. Friggin thing came out of nowhere. So today is a big day in the iwf. We mourn the passing of one chapter and celebrate the birth of the next. I would also like to send off the STW with one last show. A farewell show that will coincide with the start of GZW. Any questions/comments...feel free to post or email me.

thank you guys for trusting me with this decision.

So basically it was an E Fed by postal mail, lol?

And instead of winning by having promos judged it was based on your moves you pick?

By the way, speaking of e feds what a corrupt racket that was, I was in a few as a kid, worrying awesome promos and lying that I wadls older than I was since everyone else in the e feds were grown men. Every e fed I was in the people running/booking them would constantly have there guys going over and being champs. Bunch of dorks. Phone Post 3.0

I'm not sure what an e fed was/is


The IWA had a list of like 60 moves. like 40 regular moves that you chose 10 of, and then 20 special moves that you chose 5.  You made up your own finisher for if you won the point total.

You could change your moves every month if you wished.  Thy would print the move totals for each move every month on the very back of the league newsletter which was usually like 10-15 pages long.  You picked your opponents, could challenge for titles (although I believe only the other 10 champs could challenge for league, and then all the league champs wrestled off *not in newsletter* for the world belt), the move totals were somewhat regular, so these 15 moves generalyy had the highest point totals, but varied each month...I would add the last like 20 months up and then divide by 20 to see which averaged the highest, etc.  You could tag with people, make special matches, etc.  Even loser leave matches.  It was actually very cool.  You paid like 50 cents a match most of the time. 

That's why I never got into efeds. Bookers are corrupt no matter how small the fed. Phone Post 3.0

I used to make freaking spreadsheets to average out the point totals of the moves over a 3 cycle period and then pick my moves based on these averages. Never made it higher than league champ. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, I was garbage at strats Phone Post 3.0

We should make our own PWF league Phone Post 3.0