How many of you PLAY hockey???

ok now be honest, how many of you guys here actually play this great
game? And you dont have to be a canuck to play or love HOCKEY?

I play as much as I can...other than MMA, I LIVE to play hockey.

You may ask, do I work? Well yes, I do, but only 3 days a week, so the
rest of the time, I am on the ICE.. I am going to play tomorrow, I will
take my camera and see if I can get one of the guys to take some pics..

so, be many of you play? And what level you play at?

Up until last year, I played AAA, the got now, I am in AA and
Adult competitive leagues!

I play once a week. Last year I was on two teams.

At one point I was playing on 3 competitive teams. I also would sub alot for teams that were missing players.

Yeah, I play a little.


Only 1 other person here who plays? I expected more of you to be

I use to play Junior A and B in PEI, hishest i went with it

i still play wreck hockey and shit, not much love left for the sport :-(

Played Junior A (Goaltender).

Then I quit to pursue my love of booze and women.. lol

started up 5 years after that while in college and played in competitive men's league until 2 years ago when I completely tore my MCL and meniscus, bringing my days of hockey to an abrupt halt... :(

I rehabbed this past couple of years in hope of playing this fall but it was all for not... The knee just isn't strong enough when I'm in the butterfly posistion.

So, I got out the player equipment and switched posistions... Just playing pick up right now though, nothing competitive...

I'm starting to miss playing net :( (And seeing $4000 in equipment collecting dust)

I just can't bare to sell it though.

goalie - played through my junior year in hockey east til i destroyed my shoulder for a 4th time and at that point hung up the skates

i coach now and just mess around on the ice now