How Many One Arm Handstand Pushups Can You Do?

I can only do 3 but am trying to work my way up to sets of 8. How many can you guys do, any advice?

  1. Try holding something heavy in your free hand for balance.

None, but I need 2 hands to jerk off… so…


About three hundred fifty

Advice ? Lay off the acid…

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I can beat all the kids I know at hand stand contests but I can’t do a single one handed thing lol. Big ups to you fuckers. When you want to have a timed contest we can meet at the park or mat room lol. I’m 48yo and have always been king of the handstand but have never been able to even balance on one hand. I can walk around good but past that I got nada.

Cheddar you have to get your form correct. You could throw out your back if you’re using bad technique.

Would be a shame if you threw out your back and had to get on disability.

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Almost half of one.

1/2 … I have the down portion dialed.


Can you tell me the exact form I need to avoid so I dont injure my back and wind up chilling at home on disability?

Screen name checks with chart

I thought my two handed were impressive.


I’m 6’ 3" and 250lbs

How many do you think?


Bout tree fiddy

Zero GIF by memecandy

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lol you cant even do one?

English muthafucka can you read it???

Signed dude that says fuck me I can’t do one

Fuck no, you think I’m a superhero or something?

I’m not saying a guy my size couldn’t do a couple but if you don’t think there’s a difference in the ease of doing shit like this based on size you’re very mistaken