How Many People Bought the PPV

How many people did they say bought the PPV last night?

Does anyone have that official number?

lol...u think they had the numbers last night?

They were expecting between 100 and 150k. I bought it along with Pride Bushido on Thursday and will PPV Pride GP next Saturday.

Actually I was wondering because I was just trying to figure how much money they make on PPV's.  At $35 a pop and with 4 - 5 shows per year... they make a killing on that alone. 

lmao.... another MBA wizard.

Bro, UFC, and ZUFFA have been bleeding in the red for years! lol at simple multiplication.

Well judging from the popularity of TUF they must have gotten like a million shazzilion buys.. atleast, if not much much more.

nevertap, theyve been breaking even each show lately i think

I can do the math, I was looking for specific numbers. 


We probably won't hear the numbers for weeks.

According to Dave Meltzer, last weekend's PPV sold about 43,000 buys.

It probably won't be from Zuffa. It'll be the MMA media or some fan.

I guess I'm probably jumping the gun a little with this question.  Thanks anywho fellas.

I'm hoping it's over 200k.

If they can't break that mark with a TV show to back them up, that's a little worrisome.

" According to Dave Meltzer, last weekend's PPV sold about 43,000 buys."

I call bullshit. Link?

Lol! Don't listen to the chief.

DM predicted that the PPV numbers would be very strong, and he mentioned somewhere in the 150-200k range.

The UFC seems to have picked up a lot of wrestling fans, and of course they always buy a lot of PPVs.

The UFC doesn't get the full $35 a head, the PPV provider takes %50 or more.

everyone thinks they know everything

I got it. Count me, count me.

jumps up and down waving his arm