How many people go missing ?!?

Well played Holmes. Respek

Depends, are you asking about a regular year, or an election year

Half a million. Does going missing and then found count as part of the number?

Serial killers, drownings, lost in the woods to starve and be ate by critters… I think there are more killers out there that are waaaaaaaaaaay smarter than any fed or cop.

They never should have never killed bundy… He was making the FBI look like fools with the info he was giving… He might have been a lunatic but he was brilliant…

My own opinion… But I think It was a mistake killing him or most killers cause most of them are extremely smart and an asset.

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Are we counting Communists or not due to the discrepancy of their human status?


Just people, goofy! Are we going to count lost puppies and kitties, too?

I’d say 40,000. I know we currently have 14,000 found, but unidentified Jane and John Does and that’s a scary number. A large majority of people reported missing show up within 48 hours of missing person reports being filed. I’d say somewhere on the top end of half a million missing person reports are filed a year, but it breaks my heart there’s such a crazy number of people met their end and either no one is looking for them, or have loved ones out there still hoping they are alive.

Australia is using Federal funding and Forensic Genealogy to attempt to identify every unclaimed body buried in Australia which I think is awesome. Speaking of that… If anyone knows about The Somerton Man, they just dug him up to attempt to get a DNA sample last month. The government had denied exhumation requests twice for him because his case didn’t meet Federal requirements for exhumation, but since he falls under this John Doe initiative they now have exhumed him, but it largely fell under the radar news wise because they aren’t feeding into the Somerton Man interest. He just happens to be the next on the list.

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In early before OP confesses

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The children missing is the creepiest part… Waaaaay to many stories of trafficking that it can’t not be true.

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Then they vote blue in the next election

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I disagree, I don’t think there are that many serial killers out there right now with high body counts. It would be nice to see a few clever ones pop up and start hitting hard though

How many children go missing every year? Do you have numbers? When it comes to human trafficking it’s very hard to find numbers for obvious reasons. I have heard that many of those female teenage illegal immigrants tend to ‘disappear’ as soon as they come to the border though

20 million