How many people have u recruited..

Just curious, how many people have you guys recruited as new mma fans?

me personally have only recruited one this year, however, he used to box and now wants to train mma.

Since this year I have not recruited anybody.There are only about 5 of my recruits that normally ask me when are the next fights going to be,still go with me to shows.

So I have kept 5 and lost 5.

Tried to get some girlfriends into it by showing them the Igor Vs. Crocop fight but they all thought it was too violent :(

close to 20 ,3 of them ended up fighting pro

lots, i even convinced one of my poker buddies to come see UFC when we in vegas a few weeks back !!

He had never seen a UFC, even on tv.

Hooked for life now !!!

3.They come regularly to watch ppv at my house. 2 are really into, the other comes over just to get shitfaced.

I got my wife to start training in Muay Thai. That's good enough for me.

well, i passed out saucylv's ufc flyers at local bar and grill where two guys who watched UFC back in the day came in to our free class and then proceeded to buy said PPV (one of htem did).

Dale, Jaremy, Jeremy M, Jeremy S, Devon, Randy, Eric, Kurt. My UFC/Pride parties are usually well attended.

Indirectly hundreds .. nojoke

I haven't made any fans, but I have opened the eyes of many of my former HKD classmates to the fact that MMA fighters are real martial artists with real techniques instead of just brawlers.
They may not be fans, but they now respect the fighters' skills.


...And counting

I  don't know, but I have passed out 375 hi lite cd's to anyone that is within my air space...........

My youngest in High School is allowed to take MMA tapes to watch on video days & they always want more, I think having a past student on them is the reason the teachers allow it.


Probably about 8

I have recruited 2. They'll watch when it's on, but have no idea when a event is coming. They don't know the card but will complain if they miss an event.

HELWIG's account is almost identical to mine. I've recruited 2 and working on 2 more (1's a cop).


forgot to mention that they're Pride fans more than UFC and that I showed them OTM's 101 Subs right before the broadcast and they were really intrigued.

Asked lots of questions and made the general association to Judo (as opposed to wrestling or karate)

bunch of halfers. People who like it now and will watch a ppv with me if i remind them, but dont actively persue training

At least a dozzen - deppending on your deffinition none are hard core, but all watch some pay per views and have made the trip to at least one live show.

I can confirm that Momita has passed out Hi lite CD`s because I own one of them.

Thankyou Momita!

I'd say about 10 in the last year. It's just so tragic they stopped showing UFC live in Aus' because I know a lot of people who were really warming to it. Very sad.

I've lost half my collection of events to people I've lent them out too. Bastards!