How many people lost $$$ on Kampmann???

FUCK! I thought he was a great bet at those odds.

I thought he would've done a little better.

i thought he would have done better also although i had him loosing. marqmart is a beast and will be a handfull for anyone in that division.

He won't be a handful for Silva IMO.


"he's kind of like radiohead...I know he's out there and I know people like him, I just kinda don't care."

That's awesome! Way to sum it up!

BTW, I lost $5 on Martin "Radiohead" Kampmann last night.

I only bet on him because Nate has been quite boring in most of his fights.

 yeah i lost a little on that bet.  While i didnt think he was a lock I thought he would last a little longer than that.

double post, sorry

I won that bet, how could I not take Nate at anything less than -200 against a non-top 10 fighter?

Anderson has been his only real test so far (sorry Thales)

Lost 20 :( 

I won money on Nate that night. Nate's the more well-rounded fighter... better rasslin' and decent jitsu. I did NOT expect him to dominate the stand-up like that.

I picked Kamp in UFC Fantasy, but no bets.

Nate had not been looking sharp lately.


He's good, but not great. He should fight Anthony Johnson at WW.

LOL @ Nate's BJJ being decent. That guy has some super sick BJJ.

Wasn't really that good of a bet, Nate wasn't a huge fav, and he is better fighter than Martin, I don't believe Kampmman is as great as people say he is on here and with all the wrestlers at 170, it wouldn't make things much easier for him.

face it Nate is just a better fighter, it was bad bet. Rip on Martin's chin or whatever, it was a nice headkick that got him rocked to the side of the temple.

 Kampmann looked like a little kid beside Nate.

What made all you guys think kampmann was so great?

Did you watch his wins over leites and mcfedries?