How many people would you have let join the NWO?

I think probably 10-12.

I don’t totally blame Bischoff, as he’s intimated many times before that there was always the “problem of more” under the corporate leadership. They could really have cared less about the actual quality of the content versus just simply having content to put on their networks to try to drive ad revenue (basically the entire reason Thunder was created at Ted Turner’s demand). For a certain time, if you were writing or booking shows, towns, etc. it was probably all too easy to just throw in some NWO here and there whenever you needed to jumpstart interest or ratings, and besides, even in a faction, the thought process was probably that someone had to do the losing.

I still don’t think it had to get to the point where you needed 30+ guys, but to a certain extent I can understand why it did.

I’d have done similar to what they did but done a more convincing job NWO was a separate brand. Changed Thunders name and brought in outside talent and a new GM etc. What they did was still impressive

Im sure people who were in the nWo can’t name all the members lol

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I think between 5 - 10 but I would have pushed it as an international group with nWo Japan crossing over.

Basically your core 3 then a couple of guys to job I would have also made it a bigger deal to get in and seen them kick guy’s out more.

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Giant should have been last after several PPV’s and a long program and their ultimate advantage, protected as such and used in the inevitable turn and downfall. Spamming turns dilutes the appeal.

Hogan, Nash, Hall, Steiner, Sixx, Giant.