How many PPV's could Cyborg vs Harrison actually sell in the US?

If Bellator and PFL actually did try to co-promote an event with Cyborg and Harrison headlining I’m thinking they could manage about 70k or 80k PPV sales and Cyborg and Harrison could laugh all the way to the bank while the promotions took a bath.

Cyborg, Nunes and Harrison talking about fighting each other while under different exclusive contracts is just clickbait chatter. This became popular with Bellator fighters a while ago, discussing “superfights” with UFC fighters they knew had no chance of happening. UFC has nothing to gain by working with Bellator. The only upside is for Bellator.

“I’ve been in a lot of big fights in my career,” Cyborg said. “I think she really needs one biggest fight for her career too. I’m happy with my career. I can finish my career and not fight Kayla. But it’s going to be great if this fight happens. If people would like to watch the fight, it’s going to be great. But just not on the internet, they have to make it happen.”

Cyborg said there had been no serious negotiations between the PFL and Bellator over a potential fight, while Harrison said PFL execs had reached out to Cyborg with a lucrative offer.

Maybe a few dozen?
Most have forgotten Cyborg and nobody knows who Harrison is yet.

Would PFL really burn through $5M+ just to make this fight nobody cares about?

How all in is PFL gonna go with Harrison before they accept there is nothing there in terms of a mainstream star?

Trying to build WFW and WLW into something real sounds like “the fucking losing money business” as Dana puts it, bigtime.

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Yeah maybe 100k, I don’t anyone really knows who Kayla is outside of hardcores

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And of those, how many are actually willing to pay to see her fight? I’m not.

I don’t like that they created a fake division for her and let her fight FLWs, BWs and like one real FW up at LW just because she did not want to cut weight like everyone else in the sport.

I don’t like how they pretend she is in a real division like everyone else, WLW, please. The media hypes her up too and its all smoke and mirrors.

It would be like if UFC created a special 300 lb division for Brock when he was 0-0. Its a fucking joke.

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I wouldn’t pay for it. I’d stream it though.


This guy is pretty great at wasting other people’s money lol

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Maybe 30k.

So if they charge $500/PPV they might break even :joy:


Pretty sure a FREE Kayla headlined PFL with Pettis on the card did 63,000 in the ratings.

Sure, set up that PPV!


Even a guy like Bryce Mitchell has 4x the twitter followers as Harrison.

Thats just one kid from TUF who is climbing the ranks. No millions upon millions paid out to him from the start and no fake weight classes built around him.

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What do they charge for a PPV? If it was $29.99 and they put some other good fights on the card, I would consider paying that.

But no way in hell I’d spend a UFC $75 or whatever it has reached these days.

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For the ratings they get and the numbers they’re throwing around for this “super fight” there’s no way it would be $29.99.

Unless they’re as stupid as they seem, then it may be $19.99!

Too bad the yakuza guys behind PRIDE can’t join forces with like the KSW people and get the kind of funding the PFL is getting. I feel like the KSW crew and the yakuza could bring us a great PRIDE 2.0, call the promotion, HONOR FC or something. Let em juice to the gills, run GPs, keep it LW through HW, get rid of the 265 lb limit, keep the WMMA out, sign Lenne Hardt and buy lots of fireworks and stuff. We would be all set.

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Unfortunately, i dont think even 100k. Chuck and Tito 3 did terrible. And PFL isnt a big name.

UFC is the only ppv draw now


I just want to see her fight someone legit. Cyborg would be a big fight. it would probably sell more than Usman vs Edwards 2. lol

Not anywhere near enough to be a profitable venture, that’s for certain. Not sure who exactly thinks this would be a good business decision for either company to go forward with. There isn’t enough star power/name recognition for this to even be close to profitable at a lower $19.99 price point. It’s just not a good idea.

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PFL had a good sized audience at one point and could have grown but they fumbled the ball. Boring fights plus long delays between each bout.

I doubt this sells more then 30k. Regardless Im more interested in seeing a Cyborg fight then a Kayla fight.

Cyborgs fight with Blencowe was violent as fuck

The whole concept of their point system is terrible. The casual fans care about narratives and personalities and so do the hardcore fans who also happen to care about technique and skill.

The casuals will never tune in to see who earns the right amount of “points” in the summer to then fight in the fall in the “playoffs”.

Tournaments work fine by themself in combat sports. The point system terrible. Big finishing bonuses would have achieved the same thing without annoying the viewer with having to follow a point system that has no place in MMA.