How many PPV's could Cyborg vs Harrison actually sell in the US?

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Yeah I think you’re right. I thought I was being generous but I remember those Tito-Chuck numbers. PFL is hardly promoted by ESPN and at this point I’d guess followed by mostly hardcore fans. Very few of their fighters are exciting enough to generate interest, much less without any promotion.

Considering there’s a guaranteed paycheck on the table here I’m not understanding why she wouldn’t be about this fight.

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You saw how she went and got that Bellator money. I’m sure she is well taken care of there. She is winding down and Kayla is in her prime, she does not want Kayla to build her brand off of her. I think she would rather go win another fight in Bellator than take an L vs Kayla.

Cyborg made a career out of smashing BWs. She is like Tito, she has never been the smaller fighter and enjoys a size advantage but does not want to deal with the size disadvantage herself.

The five women Cyborg fought and beat in the UFC before she got KOed by Nunes were all BWs, all five of them. They all moved up to fight her at FW.

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60k at best. Nobody I know of who watches MMA even keeps up with Cyborg or cares about Harrison.

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We live in a strange time where somebody that nobody cares about at all, the number one requirement in the world of entertainment, is deemed to be worth $500,000 a fight.

Good for Kayla getting paid, I have no problem with her getting money how she can when someone hands it to her, but it is mind blowing that anyone is offering that.

Mind. Blowing.


Advertising ??

It’ll sell one stream from this guy, just like every other PPV

About tree fiddy. Buys, not thousands of buys



Cyborg has done a really good job of ducking the best fighters for years

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I want to see the fight, may be the best WMMA fight to make right now IMO. Least most entertaining. See where Kayla is. My guess is around 100,000 buys because I believe you will see mainstream media cover it due to the fact Dana will sign Kayla if she wins. So he isn’t gonna talk shit on it and will likely have media guys cover it and talk about it himself. Guys at PFL are close to him so its not competition and they are essentially spending money to make the UFC a star because after Kayla beats Cyborg, only place for he is UFC. not like PFL can offer any more challenges at that point. So Dana is all for it, either he gets a new star and sets up a big 145lb title fight between Nunes and her or Cyborg wins and they scrap 145 is my guess.

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I doubt even 10k unless they stack the undercard with PFL vs Bellator superfights.

PFL wouldn’t make any money doing that, even if they low ball the show for $20 and 100k people buy it, with the ppv % cut and fighter pay outs they would probably lose money.

Respect Kayla for making bank but that’s it. Her career is full of her koing cans who show their assholes on the internet