How many professional fighters lurk here?

honest question. how many pro MMA athletes lurk the UG but do not post here, in your opinion. do you think it's around the 99% mark?

the UG is undoubtedly the most respected and premiere MMA forum in the world by far, it is almost mentioned at least once every UFC event by rogan or someone else, and sometimes even at strikeforce events or the smaller shows.

but my point is, i wish more fighters would feel free to post here. i know there has to be more fighters who watch this forum than the handful of ones who actually post here

it seems that there are only a few fighters who make any kind of regular participation in the discussions. i wish there were more


Its probably alot but with all the shit talkers and fighter bashing i get why they dont post,to much disrespect.


 About tree fiddy

I'm guessing all English speaking anyone involved with the sport Dana, Lorenzo, Goldberg, Rogan, Buffer, octagon girls. EVERYONE. This isnt some geeky website... This is reliable news source for everything mma. I would love to know how many copies of the UG has sold and the usage of it. Phone Post


One of them is just semi-pro.

Not many lurk but I suspect many troll.

 I heard BrianStann is actually Brian Stann.

all of em


what did i win?

;-) Phone Post


jaybird - Its probably alot but with all the shit talkers and fighter bashing i get why they dont post,to much disrespect.
Which is exactly why Mods (myself included) need to do a better job to regulate the trolling.

There is a big difference between honest, respectful dialogue critiquing a fighters skills/shortcomings and being a disrespectful douche.  I would rather have a few trolls pissed off about their frozen accounts than a fighter leaving for good because they feel like they can't come here and post in peace. 

I actually got in touch with a few fighters I knew back in the day and asked why they don't post here anymore and all of them had the same answer...too much negativity.

If we aren't a part of the solution, then we are a part of the problem.

:) Cali


BispingPoppedMyCheery - Y'all need to take a zero tolerance policy on fighter bashing. Its on thing to critique, its another to harass and talk shit.

That is already built into the Terms of Use, however, enforcing it is up to each member who posts here.  There are a lot more people/trolls than there are Mods.  If someone says something that is out of line, call them out on it.  It's a conditioned behavior.  If no one says shit, then the troll thinks he can get away with it and will continue.  A lot of what makes the forum awesome is that it's run by the community for the most part. 

I will usually send a warning and post a snippet of the TOU before I freeze someone.  If it's clearly a troll/known troll, I'm less lenient.  I know sometimes we can all push the envelope to seem entertaining, but I do agree that we gotta draw the line somewhere.

I know of several Mods (myself included) who welcome emails/PM's bringing our attention to threads that may need some moderation.  We can't be everywhere at once, so we really do depend on the Community to help draw our attention when it is needed.

:) Cali