How many Pros actually post???

How many Pros actually post on MMA???

Lots.  Search around a bit.


If they ask you to expose yourself you have to do it.

Posted at least once or post at least semi-regularly?

Quite a few!! Tito, Shannon Ritch, Jens, Rich Clementi, Yves Edwards, and many others. I am a pro, but only in Kickboxing.



Phil Baroni, Evan Tanner (ocassionally) Randy Couture has a few times


Carlos Newton,Hermes Franca,Duane "BANG" Ludwig and other great Superstars

"And You Know This Mannnnnnnnn"

Here is some

Bang Ludwig

Frank Trigg

Harry Moskiwitz

Thomas Denny

Matt Lindland

Jayson Miller

Tom Sauer

Elvis Sinocic

Fred Ettish

Chris Brennan

Tom Erikson

Carlos Newton

Sean Sherk

Dennis Hallman

Jeremy Horn

Royce Gracie

Shonie Carter

Phil Baroni

I could go on but thats enough to get you started

Well thats awsome!! They need to talk up a little more often

AGREED!! lol

Haaaahaaaa I'd like to meet some of them too! Expecally Tito he's HOTTTTTT!!!!

Ooooo did ya hear that Tito?! Someones got the hots for ya!

Damn right!!!! But it's nothing more!

Does Lit Miss Muffet have an adams apple?

Tito used to post a ton, almost daily.

But not anymore.

Too mnay to count. Lots of lurkers too.

Good point. The ones that don't post certainly do read.

I heard Jens Pulver taught himself English just to read!

lol @ lit' miss muffet's profile that says "male" :)

robyn pttersin is crrect.

huked on foniks werkd fer me