How many pushed to view diversity negatively?

Most people sit in the middle. Despite the narrative I think most people know that the vast majority are not racist. The current climate has polarized the country in a way I never would have imagined before this. I still don’t think the majority are racist. However, it would be rediculous not to recognize that the current riots and narrative doesn’t have an effect on many people in the middle. It leaves me to wonder how many have been pushed to view our heterogeneous society as a failed experiment? I don’t think it’s a fair conclusion because I think the problem runs deeper and is more an ideological issue. However, I do think we’ll see more people viewing racial diversity negatively and I think we now have such a dangerous polarization that there will be a lasting effect for some time to come. 

Just something that’s been on my mind... 

Multiculturalism is a failed experiment.  



When these agendas are forcefully pushed down your throat as if you are a cell mate refusing to eat, then it certainly puts into question the validity of these arguments.


This is creating more racists, by design.


I like diversity. Fuck a world where everyone is exactly the same. Shit would be boring. 

phydeau -

Multiculturalism is a failed experiment.  


Worked nicely where I grew up. If it a problem for you the problem is you.

Mountain Medic -

This is creating more racists, by design.

Yes. Agreed.

phydeau - 

Multiculturalism is a failed experiment.  


and yet here we are!

I like the idea of it but PC culture ruined this as well

problem is you cant tell people to assimilate.  

so you get people who escape shithole countries and come to turn their new country into a shithole country like they escaped.  


Diversity is great if its not shoved down your throat.

Multiculturalism works if there is a baseline of whats acceptable. But you run into problems when you have polar opposite cultures in one small area. Values are completely different, and naturally the most fundamentalist cultures want to push their culture on you and make you assimilate, as opposed to assimilate to what is the acceptable norm in the area.

Co3 -

I like diversity. Fuck a world where everyone is exactly the same. Shit would be boring. 

Sure, agreed. It's nice to have different cultures, different languages, food, music, etc.

But "diversity" isn't a code word for variety.  It's forcing everything together into a bland and atomizing mishmash that is the opposite of true diversity.  People, and the cultures they create, need a little separation to develop their distinctive qualities.

I like diversity. I hate criminals and savages. I come from poverty, lived in the hood for 30 years. I worked my ass off to get the fuck out of there and never looked back. I'm very familiar with shit people, which is why I can't stand them and the shit they (continue) to do. 


I like diversity, never want to hear that word again in my life.

I'm a white guy. That carries more negative connotations these days than anything else. I honestly want everyone to just shut the fuck up and be respectful. I am, and I want the same.

Id be cool if I never heard the term race again. It's all been a big crock of shit.


Diversity is fine in that, who gives a fuck what color somebody is, their character is all that matters. 


When some movie critic makes mention of a movie not being “diverse” enough in their casting, it’s like dude, shut up. A guy wrote a story. He made the movie he wants. Why does he have to shoehorn a black woman and an asian friend into it, just for the sake of it? Go make that movie if you want. Not every piece of art or media has to reach a fucking quota or have points taken away for it.

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Diversity is not a cornerstone of society if it’s based on ethnicity and culture, but can be beneficial if focused on experience and thought as the main criteria.

The differences in a group are more extreme than the differences between two groups.

The racists in government and large companies have a code: “We’re looking for a diverse candidate.” In other words, they are looking for a non-white that can do the job. So they aren’t looking for the most qualified and they are specially targeting against a group. That’s systemic racism - and federal agencies do that, right now, especially at more senior levels.


Day to day life and interactions with others is completely different from what your average american sees in the news or on social media.

I do believe that people are being swayed by things they see in the news/social media and for millions of white americans the constant drumbeat of how racist the country is, white people are, etc is having an effect for sure.

Regardless of it's intent and how well intentioned it was, there are only so many times a person can hear how they are inherently evil based on their race before that person begins to turn away from helping those who spew hatred towards them.

Soup or salad?

Soup takes on the flavors of the ingredients. where a salad keeps the ingredients whole to contrast texture and flavors without blending them together.

its so fucking weird how you guys think. as if there is only some binary yes/no for whether or not people are racist, and that you tally them up to determine whether or not the majority is racist or not.

I like some diversity but I don't want to feel like a minority as a white person.  Also don't like people from one region becoming a dominant part of the population (Arabs).  A little from here and a little from there is fine.