How many refs would have stopped Edgar/Maynard II?

 Frank got knocked down like 4-5 times in the first round. I can't help but think that many if not most refs would have stopped it, and I doubt too many of us would have argued with the stoppage.

Probably the most amazing comeback ever.

 Some Refs would have stopped it...or not. Hard to say. Edgar recovered from every one of them very well. There was never a point where I was upset it wasn't stopped...Edgar also recovered enough in the final minute or two where the 10-8 score was justified, as opposed to the 10-7 that some were calling for.

If they would have given 2-5 to Edgar like I thought they would, it would be the greatest comeback in modern MMA imho. Since it was a draw, I have to go with Anderson over Sonnen...

 While he was intelligently defending himself (somewhat) I agree, it looked like he was just taking a brutal beating. But, sure glad they didn't stop it Now we get to see overtime!