How many SBG students in Philly

Does anyone know how many SBG students that train live in Philly? im hoping one day there will be a SBG Philly Branch (hey i can wish cant i) I remember someone saying there was going to be a place in PA but i thinks that was still far away from Philly

There is JKD type school with grappling etc.

Hey Cassidy have you trained there before. There is something about people wearing karate uniforms saying they mixed this style with that style and has many certifications that usually give off red flags. i was hoping more for the SBG/JKD Unlimited approach

there are some extremely good GJJ schools in philly.

balance studios (run by phil and ricky both are relson gracie BB)

maxercise (run by maxwell got his BB from relson but is now with saulo)

Hey Poodollar i think im going to Balance (Phil M) i want to do some standup. But i heard Paul M (SBG Hamilton) doesnt do Saturdays always

Phil Migliarese (Balance Studios) is awesome. I remember going to Mercer County College with him in 1993 and how he used to talk about GJJ and how crazy he was about it. I'm glad he followed his passion. I recommend him.

Fight Factory is also in Philadelphia. Fairtex Certified in muay Thai, BJJ under the Machados and a good MMA school...

i also compete for relson so i am very biased. but, phil and ricky are amazing instructors and getting GJJ instruction from one of relson's black belts is rare (b/c he only has 5).

i would suggest you do yoga with him also. he has trained in india as well.

Yes i know them well. I am going to do Bjj with them(Balance) But is the stand up along with the clinch that i want to do as well

I am another SBG guy exiled in the barren wasteland that is PA...but If I lived downtown I would train at which I think is the same thing as Fight Factory??

I know Mr. Bryan very well, and he is indeed the real deal. Malik is very good also. I know what you are saying, I left the traditional stuff a while ago. But check out and do as you wish. I was just pointing your way to a great guy.

Philly MMA used to be Fight Factory they have a great crew there

Balance is a very high level school from what i hear

Maxwell has been around forever in Philly and produced alot of people

And i believe Jared Weiner from Lloyd Irvin's team has a school in Philly also.

As for Central Pa i'm hoping to spend my two week vaction either this year or next in Florida training with Luis.