how many street fights

how many street fights have you been involved in?

and what is your record??

did u shoot any dubs??

SHOOTIN' DUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 1,276-0-0 in bareknuckle brawls.I even became champion in that ultimate fighting challenge thing a while back.

Did I shoot any dubs?

Of course I did....(I think)

Over 60 with 7 losses

also any good stories?


7, with a 3-3-1 record.

No dubs.

12 street fights

lost every single one of them, badly

i cant count that hight any more,i have been hit in the head alot over the last 6 years....but then again even 5 is a rather large number for me.

I just had to add that the term " Shootin Dubs" is by far my favorite term for ages and ages. So there

Of the seven losses for crowbar, one was by severe beatdown ala cerebral athlete! Unless you also count the challenge to later pussing out. So, maybe its two by cerebral athlete!

"raped him" - ?????

Prison bout? The loser gets gang raped?

Just a question.

Wow do you win or draw a street fight? Are there places in the other parts of the country where there are judges and refs? I hate when people say someone won or lost a fight just because of the way it looked (ie: My friend got punched one time in the face then took a guy down and put him in the headlock. Then everyone said he lost because he got punched and then wanted to grapple)

About 20 years ago a buddy of mine came into the
gym all excited. He could barely talk he was so
happy. Guy had a black belt from Jhoon Rhee. "I

I made out that he had gone to New York City, and
was attacked. "Rolled my hip over and planted a
yep chaggie right on the chin."

Then he said "Her head snapped right straight
back and she fell over."

how many street fights have you been involved in? ...had a fight with a street once and i broke both hands hitting the cement over and over and it had no apparent effect even with the odd head butt thrown in for good measure. the street won, unfortunately.

1 fight, 1 win. Pushed him a few times, he grabbed a bottle, I faked a punch and he ran away. Not exactly a warrior story. :)

I 've been in tons of street fights.I've won my share and lost my share but I've never been afraid to throw down if the situation needed it and that has gotten me in more trouble than it was probably worth.

However since this is a martial arts page the philosophical answer is this-Noone really wins in a street fight

0, i am master of talkouttaeverything-do

I'm a lover, not a fighter.

-JHR's right palm

What he said.

-JHR's Left Palm

Streetfighting is dumb as hell and I will try to avoid it at all costs..however since the last five years I have been training MMA I have gotten into three streetfights..I have gotten into scraps earlier in my life but there are typical tuff guy conflicts

One hectic one involving 15 or so people 2 o clock in the morning at Dean Listers b-day party at my house that almost got me locked up for a while and shot(thank god I did not) Bloods came and started disrespecting some girls in a house full of fighters and people who bad idea! These harcore gangbangers 6 or 7 of em, were so tuff out of the mouth and then tried to sue me for breaking one guys jaw with a right and breaking another guys 4 rib's with a jumping sidekick. Another one about 5 months ago I knocked a guy out with 2 hard right hooks that was going way out of his way to disrespect me because he was mexican and my girl is too and I am white, he didn't like that I guess.. he tried to block my way out of the situation, he had a real bad night in his own bar,

and a rear naked choke against another guy that would not stop trying to fight one of my other friends he was put to sleep in 7 seconds and the situation was diffused... shit is dumb and I hate drama but ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes, if you can read the situation and there is no other way out strike first.


somewhere around 0-0-0