How many tickets CAN UFC sell in Toronto?

 Newsletter pre sale sold out in like one minute today. presale yesterday 42 000 in 38 minutes. im guessing they didnt put many for sale this morning, and I know the Rogers centre can sit 90 000. How many will be sold when all is said and done? this isnt looking promising for the general public.

As many as there is. More. People would sit on the street out front.

The world is going to find out quickly just how insane about MMA we are in Southern Ontario.

Rogers can sit 90000?

 so maybe 60k ish?

 i already got my tickets im just trying to get a couple cheap ones for friends.

All of them.

No they wont put all the seats up, but all the ones available will be sold.

 they need to invent an invisible fence for the spectators. i can see why people like the ring. better for the fans. not for fighting mma though.

They could probably beat WWE but Dana, Ratner and others have said they don't want people to be watching ants fighting so I imagine it will be capped around 48/50k.

WM X8 set the record I believe with about 68,000. That's pretty much the capacity for that building.

The problem with the UFC is that they're putting elevated seating on the floor which blocks views of the lower sections of the 1st level. Wrestlemania just put 1000's of seats on the floor and filled the building to the rim. They didn't even block off that many seats with their entrance ramp / gateway. UFC could have done it but they were too worried about the 'fan experience'.
Not sure I agree with that, the experience is going to be cool no matter what, people know what they're getting when they go to the Skydome.

It looks like they're using a brand new system for the floor bleachers so they could block or open up more seating than previously estimated so if you get blocked out on getting tickets wait until a day or so prior and see how many tickets they open up.