How many times did JDS get hit

With both of his hands literally below his waist and his back against the cage? He was out on his feet so many times in both fights. Good chance he got a concussion the the third and then got punched around the cage for a further 10 minutes.

Herb Dean should have stopped that. Not intelligently defending himself.

Anyone have the gif of where Cain dropped JDS? I think it was round 3.

Prior to these last two fights with Cain, JDS only took an average of 14 significant strikes per fight. @ UFC 160, Cain hit JDS 210 times, 111 of them significant.

Cain actually topped his UFC 160 performance by beating him up even worse and finishing him.. landing a total of 274 strikes - 123 of them significant.

Cain hit Junior more at UFC 160 than Junior had been hit in his entire UFC career up until that point... and tonight, Cain hit even more than that.

That's almost 500 strikes in two fights....

Anderson Silva style head movement looks easier than it actually is.

OVER 9000!!! Phone Post 3.0