How many times did your school show that movie

regarding members of the family switching roles, and realizing how hard the roles of the other familiy members were, and appreciating them more?  My elementary school must have shown this 10 times over my 6 years there.  Freaking hated it.  Seems like there were (are) lots of movies with this lame-ass concept.

I think I saw it 349 times by the age of 22.

Dunno. I did see Duck and Cover quite a few though

Never. What years did this happen? 

I only remember ricki ticki tavi, bao wolf (or whatever it was called), and Bryan's song. 

Fuk now I am tying to google it and not finding it. fuuuuuu

Wait - I think I found it - Freaky Friday!!!

Rain day in PE = watching Endless Summer on VHS.