How many times have you been asked to leave a bar

Solely for that fact you were too drunk ? I don't mean acting a fool or starting a fight. Mean just plain too drunk

Last night at bar sat next to some dude in his 30's with big beard and tats who looked like he murders people for a living. He was gone to the world when I say there and he proceeds to order a whiskey near, a tall can of Narragansett and as he said another can on deck. I was shocked bartender served him that. Guy is a good bartender, has been around

Anyway bartender comes over 15 minutes later and tells him he's gotta go, he can't be nodding off at bar. Guy left without killing anybody thankfully

Anyway, you ever been that bad and told to leave? Phone Post 3.0

More times than I can remember.


but I've been thrown out of strip clubs with bachelor parties like 5 or 6 different times... someone would always get too drunk and either jump on stage or get handsy and get our party tossed

Never but I don't drink. I HAVE been asked to leave for being sexually inappropriate. Not my fault, I assumed he was gay. Phone Post 3.0

just once. was with wife (who was gf at the time) and we were both shitfaced, being giggly and gropey on each other. i stumbled a little and this tiny bouncer told me to leave since i was drunk. i looked around and said something actually kind: "its your job, your call, we'll leave". 

then he nervously escorted us out. 

I was asked not to drink anymore at a casino. Does that count?

I mounted this guy who was getting fucked up to protect him from his attacker. The bouncer thought I was attacking him too so I got thrown out.

That's the only time thought. I act civil and chivalrous at bars. Phone Post 3.0


But I have been asked multiple times to get my asshat friends out of a bar before places call the cops.

Forever the peacemaker...

Only once.
The bouncers tried to explain to me they couldn't allow someone so drunk to stay in the bar. The girl I was with tried to argue with them that I wasn't drunk. I stopped her and told the bouncers they were right and I was completely obliterated.

I went back to the bar a few weeks later and the same bouncers stopped me. I thought they were going to kick me out again but they just stopped me to let me know that I was the nicest and most understanding person they ever had to kick out. Phone Post 3.0

Told I was cut off (no more booze) but I can't remember being thrown out. Fortunately I quit drinking several weeks ago so maybe I'll never be faced with this again. Phone Post 3.0

Never for being too drunk. Ive worked as a bouncer and know what not to do.

A couple times for violence but that wasn't entirely my fault. Phone Post 3.0


Once, but the joke's on them! I wasn't drunk, it was the acid I dropped earlier that evening that had me acting like a complete mongoloid. Phone Post 3.0


A coworker that I had dated in the past, and was recently dumped by, ended up giving me a ride home because I was asked to leave the bar.

Truth be told, I was crushed by her breaking things off with me and the reason I got so drunk that night was because I was upset she was there; it was my birthday and they were having a happy hour for me.

I remember her giving me the ride home and she left with her friend who had followed us. Other than that, I remember none of the conversation that we had during that drive home.

The following Monday at work, I called her at her desk and thanked her for giving me a ride home. She told me that she could never forgive me for what I had said to her that night and she never wanted to talk to me again. That was over 8 years ago and I still wonder what I said to her. I bet it was awesome. Phone Post 3.0

I've never been asked to leave but I was denied entry once because I decided to throw up in the bushes that were right in front of the bar lol. Phone Post 3.0

2-3 times that I can remember

john76 - never

but I've been thrown out of strip clubs with bachelor parties like 5 or 6 different times... someone would always get too drunk and either jump on stage or get handsy and get our party tossed
That's how you get tossed? Ideal. Phone Post 3.0

Never. I'm a white stallion at drunking. Phone Post 3.0

Not me, but my best friend certainly. We were at a strip club and she was so wasted she was falling asleep at the stage. The bouncer would tell me I gotta wake her up or take her home. So my friends and I tell her we'll take her home and she snaps "no I'm good!!! Leave me be!!" She wouldn't have a bar of it. Once she perked up, her trying to climb on stage ensued. It was such a funny night we still talk about. Phone Post 3.0

Never, and I have no idea how that was even possible.