How many top pitchers won't look as good in the next few weeks?

Now that they cant use this stuff anymore

I didn’t think the umps were really going to enforce it but they checked matt scherzer 3 times in 4 innings. I don’t mind going after the shit like spider tack but I feel like telling someone they cant use sunscreen because it happens to get tacky when combined with rosin is a little much.

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I just hope pitchers keep getting undressed when getting checked. Makes my nuts tingle.


Lol when he went to take his pants off I cracked up.

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I think managers will start using this as a way to get in a pitchers head and get him out of his groove. As we saw in the nationals game they will check them anytime you ask. 3 times in 4 innings is crazy.

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MLB juices balls. Why shoukdnt pitchers have a little edge too?


The juiced balls are about to come back. They switched away from them this year but I bet they will be back very soon.

If my team is playing the Astros… I’d be ok with them calling for a check every inning!

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Saying Gerrit Coles velocity and spin rate is down his last 2 starts

I’m more interested in who’ll be the 1st jackass to get caught

One of the shows noticed Scherzer swapped hats between innings after the first check. They had closeups of smegma on his cap and then in the next inning his hat was brand new.
They also said his spin rate was down by a considerable amount.

He’s uncut?

Could have been someone else’s?

The weird part is mlb acting like they give a shit all of a sudden. For years you could watch games and If you watched the pitcher between pitches you could see him obviously touching his two fingers to his glove or to his hat after every new ball is put in play. They didn’t even hide it. Jomboy has a bunch of videos where you can see pitchers doing it and everybody knows they are. The opposing team doesn’t want to say anything because their guy is doing it too


Who are the top 3 pitchers right now?

Bauer was calling people out for it for a couple years. Mlb wouldn’t do shit about it so he decided he would do it too. Before 2018 Bauer had zero pitches with a spin rate of 3000 rpm. Then out of nowhere he is throwing these pitches with ridiculous spin. I don’t blame him. It helped him sign that big contract.

The entire astros staff.

Like it’s so obvious. They say it’s pine tar but this is before everyone knew about spider tack. Strongmen use that shit to pick up atlas stones. It’s crazy how sticky it is. I’ve seen pictures of people with 30lb dumbbells hanging from their hands using that shit.

I love the Jomboy channel. Here is his vid covering Trevor Bauer and calling out the shenanigans.

Wait thats kind of crazy. This shit is super cheating. Imagine someone in the NFL using that to grab an impossible touchdown.

It’s been happening for years. Like the manager said in the video above, it’s baseballs dirty little secret. Almost every pitcher is using something. Some are using the crazy shit like spider tack and other concoctions they’ve cooked up while others are just using sunscreen and rosin. The sunscreen and rosin is pretty much accepted by all. It’s the other stuff that people arent fond of.

any thoughts @Heystro