how many top pros are fans?

just curious because I have heard a lot of pros say they have never seen their opponent fight or never seen this match or what not.

I know a few pros(elvis being one) that are fans, but are they in general not fans of the sport?

Most pro's do not go to the UG and do not watch more than the ufc and pride and their local shows. I think most are fans of the sport but dont follow near as close as most of the fans on here.

trigg says he doesnt watch fights ever


There is not 1 pro out there that likes MMA.There father forced them into it.

*Sarcasm off

Trigg also thinks he's bigger than the entire sport.

Trigg is kinda like a special case since his focus was wrestling and he just did MMA to get money. I guess any MMAer who is also competing in another sport (that pays less than MMA!) might be similar. Most pros are definitely going to have to be fans at some level of course, but a lot of people here watch a lot of MMA...if you watch a lot you can't be training ;o)

see, I understand the pros are training all the time and the last thing you want to do is bring your job home with you

but I was just curious, seeing as I heard a lot of pros saying they haven't seen so and so fight(so and so being a popular fighter)

There are so many fighters that got into it because they saw UFC and got hooked, so i´d say chances are that a lot of the american fighters are huge fans as well.