How many UFCs in a row have you watched live?

As they happened, whether attended, or on PPV.

Not next day.

I havent missed one since UFC 31. To the present.

Previously some were only avail on Sat which I couldnt always get to.

Has anyone watched every one as it happened from 1-present?

Probably UFC 74, I know I missed Forrest/Page, and a couple Versus cards because of work. Are you going to Milwaukee with Jim?

 Missed 133...concert.  Streak sits at zero.

ive watched every one live for the past three years

we only got them live in the last 2 years, from 04 to 09 i didnt miss one(watched the next day). havent watched that many live in the last year.

Was at the cottage for the last event - so zero :(.

Edit: Wait, last event was Rashad/Tito wasn't it? Nevermind, make that ONE in a row! UMPH.

133 + a bunch of televised shit.

Edit: Actually, there was one I missed last year that I didn't get to watch until like 4am that night. Don't remember which one it was though?

Missed 131

I haven't missed an event since I got into Mma in 2008, first event I watched live was UFC 91 with Brock vs Randy! I realise this is by no stretch of the imagination an impressive streak! Or even comparable to some on here. I do think I deserve some credit though. As an Irishman, every event started at 3 am, before the recent time change to 2 am. As you can imagine, not the most sociable time on a Saturday night. Regardless of birthdays, weddings or holidays, I've never missed one! My most impressive claim though is when I managed to get a date about a year and a half ago who was a model, and amazing looking. Way out of my league, once in a lifetime opportunity. She came back to my house. At 2.30 am, she asked me would I give her a bed for the night? I kicked her out...
My friends freaked when they found out, I stand by my decision! Phone Post

Zero Phone Post

haven't missed one since ufc 97

May of 2009...Rashad fight I believe...I was quad riding.

 To hard to remember,but I have only missed a total of about 25-30.

I missed a chunk between 15-30. I missed BJ/Sherk. I don't remember missing any more than that.

 I have watched them all live since UFC 68! Some at a bar, some on T.V. Most recently rented the last one on UFC.TV

only since like ufc 103ish


When did TUF 1 start?

Real question is, whose ordered the most PPVs? (excluding streams)

 I think of the numbered UFCs, all of them from 2 until now minus the ones when cable dropped them.

Only from UFC 112 for me. :(

Since gone back and watched every single PPV. Phone Post