How many UGers have you met?

In person?  

You can include OGer`s also.

None, creep.

Just one. UCLApimp. Quite possibly the coolest dude ever. He just rolled over with a bunch of beer and we watched Hughes-Trigg 2, which was a great start to the many fights we watched together.


Hey,Its good to know whos cool to hang out with.

People on here probably think that Im a dick.Thats because they have never met me.

Too fucking many

MmmWhiskey - None, creep.


none, but i was @ the press conference. will be @ the weigh-ins. and getting tix via my company for the prud center. see y'all pricks there.


Over the years,I have been fortunate to meet all of these cool UG & OGers.<br />
<br />
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<p>Momita,Mr Zipplokk,NHBStriker,Heddy,JimmersonzGlove,TOWE,Dan Black,DJLastcall,Dray,Karate Doug,Jinx,PTM2020,Aaron,Whitebelt Jones,Oliverfig,DC hydro,Bloody Knuckles,Scooby,Cprintup,Dunc,Annabelle,Annabelle
s bitch,Smac1,Loudgrl,Extreme bad boy,Sam Pai Kempo,Dutchdog1,Rustyshackleford,Whaledog & Ronin jdr.

Hopefully many more.