How many would do a gi tournament?

Who would be interested in a gi tournament in the Norman/Moore/OKC area and when would be a good time to do one?

I would. Mid Feb would be nice. Even better would be the weekend before the winter wars tourny if there's enough time to set such a thing up.

I can bring a couple of guys. Anytime is fine.

I would be interested.

dont think i would do a gi but i would definitly do nogi

Never worn a gi in my life. I'd do no-gi though.

Scott, have you had any other inquiries about this? I would like to get one in after Lovato's in March. Let me know if you need any other support for this. I know a lot of Lovato's guys would probably come over for it. I don't think many of them post here but me.

FullBlastJKD, not many inquiries as of yet. I should have some guys at Lovato's tournament.

i guess id do a gi tournament if they price wasnt too much, so when is this thing gonna be set up???

Not sure yet. But I will let everyone know of course. I want to keep the price down so more people have a chance to compete. Some of the tournaments are getting a little out of hand.

yea this $60 for the machado tournament is fucking ridiculous, im a poor college student.