How much can fighters bench?

Wonder how strong some of the fighters actually are. Like Tank, Severn, Sapp, any given gracie, ANyone who can just pound the weights?

Like most people on the UG, they probably bench about 600-700lbs.

I'm closer to the 900 lbs range myself.


Well..the average on the OG is like 845-950

Tank used to bench 600, says he still does in the 500s. Sapp supposedly can do 650. Some have said Rampage does bodyweight exercises, no weights, but I don't know if that's true.

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Bob Sapp? 650

His arms seem to long to be able to do that much..even the governator could only do like 450 do to his long arms

U mean the avg UG member can bench 750, knock out tyson, submit Rickson, throw a ho ho in the air and jump round kick it into a piece of wood.

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"even the governator could only do like 450 do to his long arms"

There is a big difference between bodybuilders and powerlifters.

I read in Grappling that Bueno has done 600.
Using this same math I can do 585.

I agree, but is Sapp a powerlifter?

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I can bench my weight.

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Size matters not - judge ME by my SIZE, do you?

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I heard Ali could bench about 120, but he could KO about anyone in the world. More than one pro boxer doesn't lift or lifts very light, but you wouldn't want to get hit by them.

The fuck cares what you can bench? It has no bearing on punching power, grappling ability, or almost any sport outside of powerlifting. Maybe a lineman, although incline press would be closer to the actual movement.

Ah shit, I just posted on the UG! I didn't mean to, I thought I was on the OG. WTF? Now I'm gonna be argued with by swarms of 'experts'.

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there are plenty of nfl sapp type that bench well over 500. 700 is up there with some heavy weight lifters.

I would guess i could do about 315 max. maybe quite a bit less. I stop lifting because it hindered my mma.