How much can I lose in ten Days?

I made a bet with a friend that I'd be down to 72Kg by the 22nd of april, all was going well until a friend of mine decided to tell me that he's leaving the country and the parties started.

Well, he's gone, and I got ten days left and I'm probably about 20lbs over.

How much of that can I lose safely and how?



In 10 days? Safely? About 1 or 2 lbs. I'd advise you to just accept losing the bet and pay up.


dehydration,laxatives, and Amputaion and you should be fine. Fat-1 or 2lbs.

I don't expect to lose it all, but 1 - 2 lbs? Seriously? I've probably lost more than that overnight just by cutting out carbs for a day.


Are you palnning on cutting water weight, or just losing fat? If the first, you can do it. If the second, you're fucked.

I don't expect to lose it all, but 1 - 2 lbs? Seriously? I've probably lost more than that overnight just by cutting out carbs for a day

That's just water weight. If you intend to actually lose that much real bodyweight (presumably as stored bodyfat), then no way are you going to be able to do it, IMO.

But if you want to go the route of "cutting" weight, then yeah, you might (just) be able to do it. Depends on how much time you want to spend in the sauna, running with a rubber sweat-suit, and sucking down diueretics and laxatives.

you can "cut weight" but you cant lose that much in 10 days. Saunas, sweeting, carb depletions and other stuff will make you lighter but its not real fat loss.

I have a diet that you will lose 10 pounds in three days on. I can fax you a copy if you want. hit me up at

you can drop a significant amount of weight in that time, how you will feel and where the wight loss comes from is variable

i have seen wt loss of over 20lbs in three days on a couple of occasions

seen 30lbs in one week

coach hale

Who said he had to lose fat? he can lose 20 lbs of muscle and water. walk, ride a bicycle, row, do about 5 hours of cardio a day and don't eat anything. You will lose a shit load of muscle and water weight and maybe a pound of fat. Probably win the bet.

He asked about doing it safely... cutting might not be inherently dangerous (although I know people who would argue both sides of that) but cutting to an extreme degree most likely is dangerous. Even more so for somebody who doesn't have experience doing it... it's not inconceivable that you could kill or seriously harm yourself through extreme dehydration fooling around doing that stuff.

Which is why I think the OP should just forget it and pay up, but that's just my opinion. If he wants to win the bet bad enough and is comfortable with the risk, then sure, he can probably cut the weight.

i have seen wt loss of over 20lbs in three days on a couple of occasions

Please tell me that was in somebody who weighed > 300 lbs to begin with...

Thanks for the replies guys, I guess I'll just pony up this time and make sure I don't go out on the piss next time it happens. I could cut but it kinda defeats the purpose of the bet, though it could prove a point, some of these guys don't really believe in cutting.

I'll definitely come back here for advice though next time I wanna lose weight or cut


going from upper 170s to 155 in three days

coach hale

Darragh, didn't you forget to add, "If ya SMELLLLLLL what droc be distillin'!" ?

So, even a rather overweight person can only lose a pound or 2 of fat a week?

My earlier comments might have been a little conservative... most people say 2-3 lbs per week is about the upper limit of what's safe. I've personally averaged about 3 lbs a week for the past 6 weeks, so I know from personal experience that 3 lbs / week can be done. But it's not easy... 3lbs might not sound like much, but to lose that much weight in one week takes a lot of f'in work.

One time before I managed to average between 3.5 - 4.0 lbs per week for about 4 weeks, and at the end of it I felt like total shit and was weak as hell. So in my mind, I feel like about 3lbs is a reasonable number to consider the upper range of what one can reasonable lose in a week.

Not to suggest that I'm necessarily a representative sample for everybody, but my experience matches the numbers thrown around the the "authorities" on the subject, FWIW. Individual results may vary, of course...

going from upper 170s to 155 in three days

Wow... that's ~11% of their bodyweight in 3 days.

(Using 175 as the original weight, 20 / 175 = 0.1142, 0.1142 * 100 = 11.42%)

That can't be healthy.

In fact:

Severe dehydration, usually defined as a loss of 9 percent to 15 percent of body weight, is a life-threatening medical emergency. (source: