How much can you talk down a used car price?

I'm looking at a Subaru Forester that I like and the dealer is asking 15k. I left and want to call/text with some sort of counter offer, but I'm no good at this. The last car I bought was a new Altima 10 years ago and I think I paid more by trusting my uncle. 


Any advice on this? 

Find the same car on eBay and the lowest priced one there is probably the best price you can expect to buy one for. Offer that and stick to your guns because the dealer will tell you that's crazy, it's worth way more than that, etc..  Walk away if you have to, they'll come crawling back to you.

Look at the blue book on it for its condition, and mileage. Pricing on used cars varies wildly between private, auction, and dealer sales. Also scour the web (other dealers, craigslist, auto trader etc.) and that should give you a better feel for the market on that model.

In my experience, the way used cars are bought and sold has shifted drastically in recent years, probably because of the online marketplace. It seems like most places are going for volume over profit, so cars are priced more competitively leading to a quick turnaround. I couldn't negotiate much when shopping for a used car a couple times in the past two years, and usually I'm an animal when it comes to that. 

It's worth nothing however that I was searching for Jeep Wranglers which hold their value and usually have a fast turn around though, so the seller had an advantage there. What I was able to do was get a few dealer favors pulled. One dealer had a $500 fee he "had to charge according to Georgia State law" or something like that, and I made him take that 500 out of the purchase price. The fee still shows on the receipt though. And he allowed me to drive home in dealer plates and mail them back from Maryland, which saved me a couple hundred in Georgia taxes and registration for temporaries tags, when  I would have just had to turn around and pay them again for Maryland registration the next day. Not sure if that was entirely legal though?

Their price is actually better than eBay...can I tell him I'll come right back if he knocks a thousand off?

Forest Whitakers Lazy Eye -

Their price is actually better than eBay...can I tell him I'll come right back if he knocks a thousand off?

What year forester ?

Dealer or private seller?

ask for 1500 off. likely have the car price padded by 2k. Look for a number on the card they bring into the deal to negotiate many times the the price or close to what they have in the car will be on it. it will look like this 201350014. 20-13500- 14 this is a 2014 car that they have close to 13500 into most likely there is a number that gets subtracted from that to get to the actual amount they have in the car, I would figure minus a figure based on what blue book has the car listed at. say blue book say wholesale is 12900 so they are adding 600 to that number. This is old school but still likely used, also every other car they have in inventory will follow the same formula. They have to have a uniform way of letting the salesman know where his position is during negotiations on every used car in stock, he cant memorize them so the information is there if you look.

It all depends on your credit. Do you need them or do they need you

haven't you watched gas monkey? hit em with a 5k offer