How much $$$ did you spend on Xmas tree?

Talking about real trees here, last year I got a short crappy one because no places had a good variety. This year I got a nice 6 footer with a good shape, but they stuck me for $120. Normally costs me half the price, anyone else pay a premium?

Zero, cut it down on my property.


That’s Bidenflation for you…

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$135, 6 foot

I’ve had a fake one for years now.

I really wonder how much they here in NH

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Atleast they had some taller ones to pick from this year, it’s like covid stunted the trees growth when it first came out.

2 bills on a 7 footer. I went hard on outside Christmas Lights
this year . My home lights this year looks great. The wifey loves Christmas lights. We got into a fight three years ago about her spending too much much money on Christmas decorations. I always felt bad about it since then. I love Christmas time and love her.


$120 for just under 8’

Holy shit, where do you guys live?

$25 but gave him a $10 tip so $35 for about a 6 footer.

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$140 for a six footer plus $3 for the water stuff and $5 for the kid who threw it in the back of the Jeep.

Could have gotten the $90 one at Lowes or Home Depot but I like to go local when I can.

$75 to cut down a 9 footer at a tree farm in MA

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live in the bay area and paid 49 for a 5 footer. we dont like big trees

Nh, mass, Maine, Vermont are just tree farms

Damn. I feel like I’ve been cheated after reading these replies.

That shit is pre lit and decorated…

That’s what I was wondering…I usually pay like $20…this year prices were jacked up though and I think we paid around $50.

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DC suburbs…… nothing cheap

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Richmond, VA

Normally $75-90 but over the last few years it’s been harder and harder to find a tree

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$225 for an 8.5 footer just outside Charleston, SC. Really rough selection this year and prices were much higher than in previous years. Typically the tree folks stick around until the week before Christmas selling trees. This year they were gone by the 10th.

60.00 five years ago. Probably last me the rest of my life.