How much did your bible cost?

Just curious...

How much did your Bible cost?

I just bought this beauty for $55.00:

which one?

yours in Christ


Your favorite one.

ah my favorite one. Actually my pulpit Bible is a beautiful Bible and expensive. but my favorite is my study Bible. it cost $35.00. It's got some pages coming out..theres nicks in the cover but it's my favorite, because it's the one I use the most. A Bible should be beat up. It should have pages that are worn. it should have passages marked with High lighter. That means it's being used and not siting on a table or book shelf collecting dust.

yours in Christ


by the way I have 10 Bibles

and Kolbe, check out my "I'm A Democrat??!!" thread on the OG...there's a lot of "experts" saying that American catholics will vote for Kerry and disregard what the Vatican says. You might find it interesting.

"That means it's being used and not siting on a table or book shelf collecting dust."

i am guilty of this the last few weeks :(

Thanks for the heads up sherm, but I avoid the OG like the plague.  It's what us Catholics call "an occasion for sin".

In case it's an on-going debate, there was a recent poll  which show Catholics strongly support Bush:


I like my Companion Bible the most. I got a large print one for $45.00, I also have a burgundy leather Companion Bible. The Companion Bible is a KJV with study notes by E.W. Bullinger. I also have a Defenders Bible by Henry Morris, its cool it has alot of Creation science alongside the text. I also have a Thompson Chain NIV that I use when I just want to read the Bible without a dictionary. Im thinking of getting a Scofield Bible, probably in a NKJV so I can give that translation a try.

nothing. i stole mine...;)

I have a Schofield that I paid about $50 for in 1978
and when I had read it from cover to cover about 25
times it was coming unsewed and the cover was coming
off. I sent it to a place in Mississippi and they
recovered it for me and did a great job. I may be able
to find the address if you are interested. My favorite
right now is a hardback, large print, New Living
Translation, that I got at for about $20. I
am just starting through it for the second time and it
is doing well. I don't expect to get the mileage out
of it that the leather bound Schofield did though.


I spent 9 dollars on my last bible, it is just a new testement that I carry in my back pocket for spontaneous bible reading.

I also use a couple around the house for studying and use the computer for concordances, and word studies and such.

the rev

the last one i bought was a thinline NIV it was about 30 bucks.

nothing, I won it playing Bingo at a local church...